Every time you post your email address on a forum or webpage, you run the risk of a malicious spider crawling the internet, picking up your email address, and sending you a lot of spam. To help to fight the spam, I've created this PHP script which will take your email address and put it onto a image so that a spider cannot read the address. In addition, instead of saving the file as something like you@domain.png, I've used an encryption method called MD5 to encrypt the email address and it will come out looking something like 3a500c21788916866a4729216804903b.png

Not only am I generating the image for you, I am also hosting the image for you for free. I've included BB code for forums and HTML code for webpages so you can easily add your email image to any forum or webpage that you want to.

Your email address:

Advanced color options:
If you would like to set the Red, Green, Blue, and Transparency (Alpha) of your image, you may do so below. If you don't know what you want, or just want a fully transparent background with black text, leave the settings as they are and hit Submit.
The max values for the Red, Green, and Blue are 255 and the max Alpha value is 127. The higher the Alpha value, the more transparent the background

Background Color
Red: Green: Blue: Alpha:
Text Color
Red: Green: Blue:  

Created by John Struse